PCJ Press Ltd is an imprint of Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd (www.adonis-abbey.com), which was incorporated in London on March 18 2003 to publish academic books and peer- reviewed and indexed academic journals. The company, which has nearly 200 published titles and 16 highly regarded academic journals, has since emerged as one of the most respected publishers of Africanist titles and journals. It is one of the top publishers of indexed, accredited and peer-reviewed academic journals in Africa, with some of its journals indexed by the highly regarded SCOPUS and ranked globally by SCImago Journal Ranking.

In 2012, the company set up an office in Abuja, Nigeria, essentially to be an outsourced production arm of the parent company in London. Increasingly there has been a felt need to set up a Nigeria-focused publishing company, which will locally print, publish and distribute books of all genres.

PCJ Press Ltd hopes to contribute to the ongoing debate on how to revive the fast disappearing reading culture in the country and the emasculation of proper book publishers, which has led to the triumph of self-publishing and printers calling themselves publishers. 

In committing ourselves to this noble undertaking, we are not unmindful of the environmental challenges facing publishers in the country, including the pervasiveness of a new value system which has made reading a book no longer a priority for most Nigerians. In the prevalent value system that extols instant gratification (where poverty has led to people prioritizing ‘stomach infrastructure’ over delayed gratification), it is understandable that books have lost, or are losing their allure. For us however, the joy and importance of a book, especially one that is properly published, remains unimaginable. This is why our motto is: ‘In books, you travel without moving a foot and also rise above the ordinary’