Development As Attitude

Why is Nigeria, indeed Africa, not developing? In Development As Attitude, Osita Ogbu, a professor of development economics and a former Chief Economic Adviser to the president of Nigeria argues that development is about evaluation of alternative values and choices. And leaders make these choices. Making the right choice and inspiring citizens to the difficult tasks of economic and social transformation are determined by the attitude – values, philosophy and knowledge of the leaders underlined by legitimacy, honesty, discipline, a certain fearless optimism and self-belief  required to mobilize citizens to overcome challenges and engineer progress. This is a very accessible, practical and thought-provoking book, exploring how a variety of development challenges from inequality, inclusive growth, economic planning to nation-building in Nigeria are shaped pragmatically by the attitude of leaders. This new insight is enriched by the variety of multi-national examples that reinforce the themes significantly, making it an important book in comparative development practice.  It is both a guide for policymakers and practitioners, and a text for social science and development studies students.

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