Our aim is to publish books of all genre which will target principally the Nigerian market. However, books published under this imprint which are likely to appeal to an international audience will also be published by Adonis & Abbey publishers as an international edition of the title in question. Some of the benefits of an international edition include the fact that such books will be widely available on such global platforms as Amazon, Blackwells, and Barnes & Nobles and will also be captured by Google Scholar.

If you want us to consider your manuscript, please send a query letter first.  Your query letter should include the following:

A) A synopsis of no more than 250 words. The synopsis should be able to tell us the topic you want to explore and why, including how your work differs from existing discussions in the literature on the subject.

B) We also require a sample chapter, or part of a chapter of the work (max: 1000 words). This should throw sufficient light into your writing style, how you intend to treat the topic, your narrative logic etc. 

C) Evidence that the manuscript has been professionally proofread.

D) Evidence that the manuscript has been peer-reviewed and that the recommendations from the peer-reviewed(s) were implemented. You can attach corrections log indicating page numbers where comments by the reviewer(s) are addressed.

E) A clear statement about the market or potential market for the book, and your role in promoting and marketing the book.

F) A brief resume or CV – which clearly answers the question of your authority to write or edit the manuscript.

Please Do NOT SEND your full manuscript to us with your initial inquiry, and always make sure that you retain a copy of whatever you send to us as we will not be liable for any material lost in transit, or even in our possession. You could send your initial query to: 

Contact email: editor@pcjpress.com

Ordering books by PCJ Press
The list of bookshops and other places where our books could be purchased will be listed soon.